Camp Participant Grouping

Group - A Beginner / Foundation Program (Squirt, Novice and Atom)

Group - B Youth Program (Atom and Pee Wee)

Group - C Advanced Program ( Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget)


Important Camp Information For Parents / Guardian

  Players will be attending the camp for approximately 7 hrs per day.

  All participants are grouped and assigned based on the following; age, size and skill level.

  Players that can play at a higher calibre then their own age group will be given the opportunity to participate at a more advanced level (with parental consent).

  Participants are expected to bring their own snacks and lunch daily. The rink canteen may be open during school operational hours, as well.

  Players are responsible for having proper clothing for off-ice activities (running shoes, t-shirt, shorts, track suit, sweat shirt, ball cap and sun block (skin protection when outside).