Why Attend Our Camp?

Vision Statement


• Continuously Evolve, Innovate and Improve As A Hockey School.

• Increase Hockey Standards And Awareness In The Communities We Serve.

Our Philosophy

… is to offer instructional strategies and methods to hockey players for all skill levels and ages.

Numerous hockey drills will be introduced in progression manner, so that the participants can develop at a faster and more successful rate, while at the same time have fun!

Technical aspects such as balance, body position and control, skating stride, puck control, passing and shooting, proper use of body contact, along with game tactics and strategies will be introduced

To keep the game of hockey alive and healthy, the staff of Norris Power Hockey try to challenge the school participants mental game, as well as his or her physical skill development.

Our School Values

  Commitment and Cooperation

  Strive for Excellence

  Hard Work Ethic

  Mutual Respect

  Team Work


Why you should attend our camp

  You will learn to feel and control the puck on your stick without looking at it. This will allow you to see the ice, analyze the situation in order to make better decisions. Just that skill will really improve your game.

  You will learn to open up passing lanes and increase scoring opportunities for you and your line-mates.

  You will create more space and buy more time for yourself in order to make a play.

  Your confidence level with the puck will increase dramatically.

  You will automatically improve your passing and pass receiving skills.

  You will become a better team player and raise the level of play of your teammates.

  Most important, you will enjoy the game more and have much more fun playing it.

  Improve your child's individual skill development

  Our proven curriculum is provided in a concentrated effort to ensure the proper development of our players

  Your child will become more explosive and efficient in their skating technique through our diverse on-ice skill development.

  Players will become stronger with the puck, learn how to protect the puck, and win those 1-on-1 battles found in all areas of the ice.

  Build player confidence by repetitiously executing skill work in real game like settings.